The Marusho brand made for hospitals and facilities.
We meet our customers’ needs with our wide lineup of bedding covers, hospital gowns, and towels.


Introduction to product processing

Marusho’s original anti-bacterial products.
Our in-house developed polyester with anti-bacterial agent blended within will prevent the increase of bacteria growth in fiber. We developed this product so that everyone at hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, child welfare facilities, and midwifery facilities including those who are nursing their loved ones at home, could use our product safely and risk-free.

More safe and more comfortable than ever.
Reaching up to another level of flame-retardant cloth.
Mamofic is a blended fabric of cotton and a high-grade acrylic flame-retardant fiber, Protex® which is develpoed by KANEKA. It is soft and comfortable, just like ordinary cotton cloth, with a high performance of flame retardancy. It is safe to use them as emergency beddings in unfortunate disasters, too.

The Marusho brand made for hotels and inns.
We meet our customers’ needs with our wide lineup of duvet covers, hotel gowns, yukatas, and towels.

Printing your image on fabric 
in any way imaginable!
Custom fabric printing available in full color, quick delivery, and small lot. With our Aprima service, you will be able to print unique images, large patterns, and arrange small designs. Use your imagination and bring them to life!