Aren’t your patient clothes bothering you?
Discoloring & Shrinkage
Patient cloth is usually worn directly on and touches directly to skin of a patient. As such the fabric from mixed spun natural materials with superior feel and touch which may cause discoloring and shrinkage are primarily used. We aim at the yarn-dyed material and adopt it having the same mixed spun rate. In addition to adopting this new material we have also sanforized it minimizing potential shrinkage as much as possible.

Variation of available patterns
Aren’t too many different colors and patterns bothering your product management ?
Consolidating them into three available colors and patterns can help you consolidate them. Even if the number of available patterns are limited, variation of colors for the same pattern can be broaden.

Thickness of Fabric
Are voices of patients on thin fabric through which underwear is seen bothering you ?
We made the fabric thick by using thicker yarns and higher weaving density, which generates both sense of high-grade and robustness.

Low-cost and high performance
anti-bactrial products
By manufacturing at our own ISO 9001 certified factory, we have achieved low-cost and high quality. Unlike former product the products with anti-bacterial treatment provide customers with superior comfort and higher safety.
Unmatched piping
  To make it easy for industrial laundries to sort out washed patient clothes in size, markings by means of piping used to be implemented. Don’t you feel that piping sometimes does not match the patters of a patient cloth ?
Instead of using the marking method in sorting sizes by piping we have implemented marking by means of tiny colored chip which also help patient clothes look nicer.

Difference in color
for matching patient cloth
Difference in density of a color between a patient cloths washed a number of times at industrial laundry and a brand new same patient cloths can be recognized. In case a number of same matching patient cloths are used in an institute, matching patient cloths are all mixed up and color of upper matching patient cloth may differ from lower matching cloth. The new patient cloths we have developed are of yarn-dyed and have better color durability. Matching unfigured patient cloth (Upper) with figured one resolve avoiding incongruity and offer more variations and fashionability.

 No more troublesome sorting method by means of piping is required!!
 Implementing the new sorting method
by colored chip makes patient gowns look much nicer.
Variety of patters from same fabric
Create more variations with limited color and patterns

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