Our goal is to be a company chosen by customers.

Marusho was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer and supplier for institutional bed linens for hospitals, hotels and nursing homes and has expanded its business area into nursing care products and services.
To cope with increasing customers’demand in high quality institutional bed linens we established a manufacturing subsidiary in China in 1991. Since then, the company has been striving to deliver high quality products at reasonable cost to customers.
Considering recent uplift on public opinion toward safety consciousness in institutes, Marusho has been engaged in developing new anti-bacterial and flame retardant linen products, has launched them in the market and is highly recognized as the company capable to deliver products with “Safety” and “Security”
At our new business unit for nursing care products, we endeavor to respond timely with our motto of “We are here to support you”
We are committed to striving to respond customers’demands and to deliver safe, secure and stable products in timely fashion.

Tatsuya Nishihara
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