Marusho’s Mamofic is the anti-flammable product from mixed spun of high-graded noncombustible fiber “Protex” and cotton maintaining feel, touch and comfort equivalent to off-the-shelf cotton product.
(Institutional linens).
  Mamofic   Off the shelf product 
  Methenamine ignition   Methenamine ignition
  Right after ignition   Right after ignition
  2 minutes after ignition   2 minutes after ignition
  5 minutes after ignition   5 minutes after ignition
  Superior anti-flammability
The product is the one passed the test at Japan Fire Retardant Association. Even if the Mamofic product is brought close to flame, the portion close to the flame is just carbonized without catching fire. When it is kept away from flame, it is extinguished itself.
  High robustness against industrial washings
As the fiber used is noncombustible, the product maintains high anti-flammability against repeated industrial washings.
  Skin friendly and safe
Various tests have been conducted against contact dermatitis and oral virulence shows favorable results. The product passed Virulence test at the Retardant Products Certification Committee.
  No dissolution and no shrinkage
The product is not dissolved nor shrunk even if it contacts flame.
  Natural feel and touch
  As the product is from cotton based mixed spun fabric, natural fell and touch is maintained.  
Material tested
Absorbency length(mm)
Warp Weft
Mamofic  102 90
Cotton 100%  115 94
Sudor absorbency Humidity absorbency
Test method
JIS-L-196 6E26E1 B
Absorbency test by Byrek method
Mamofic has almost same sudor and humidity absorbency as 100% cotton fabric.

 Tensile strength Surface wear & tear Pilling
Warp(kg) Weft(kg) Frequency Grade
Mamofic 48 43 180 4-5
Cotton 100% 48 47 200 4-5
Test method
Tensile strength : JIS-L-1096 Strip method
Surface wear & tear : JIS-L-1096 Universal method
Pilling : JIS-L-1096 A
  Tensile strength is as good as 100% cotton fabric.
  No pilling is seen.

Washing frequency Carbonized length (mm)
Average Maximum
0 25 25
10 25 26
20 26 27
50 26 26
100 25 27
Flame retardancy and washing robustness
Test method
45°methenamine method
(Passing criteria: Average length of carbonized area: Less than 8cm, Maximum 10cm)
Washing method: Industrial linen washing
Product passed the test by Japan Fire Retardant Association.
Repeated washing or normal chlorination beach does not affect its anti-flammable efficacy.
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